In 2000, Annie Brown created Prospect Providers, a venture that utilized her extensive background in education, business administration and marketing. Expand your business with ethically-sourced, local MVA lists & Annie's toolkit for success today!

Owner & Found Annie Brown

Our Story

In 2000, Ms. Annie Brown, using her education and background in business administration and marketing, helped a chiropractic clinic more than triple its monthly PI income.

Other chiropractors, seeing this success, sought out her services as well. The response was overwhelming. And so, Prospect Providers was born.

In the years since, we have expanded our services to other professionals, such as personal injury attorneys, throughout the US and have helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses through personal injury cases.

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Expert Services to Get PIs in Your Door!

Prospect Providers offers a variety of services geared towards expanding  businesses with local MVA lists & PI marketing consultations

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PI Marketing Legal Check

This is done to determine if the names and addresses of car accident victims is public record and what are the rules regarding PI marketing in your state.

Research & Establishment

Contacting the public service offices within a 15-mile radius of your office to get their agreement to provide the accident reports to us on an ongoing basis.

PI Marketing Consulting

Designed to give you a very precise program to follow that has been fine-tuned and perfected over the past 20 years personally by Annie Brown.

PI Marketing E-BOOK

A short program with step-by-step instructions for gaining and closing PI leads, including conversation scripts and promotional items to send out.

I highly recommend Annie Brown's services. She is very credible and delivers what she promises and say's what she is going to do. She is honest and handles things that need to get handled. She is very service-oriented. I felt at ease having her on because I knew that she would always do it. Her responsibility level is very high and it makes being a doctor and running my clinic easy because she just gets what is needed.

Dr. HansenWoodbury, MN

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