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We currently provide up-to-date car accident reports for police stations, Sheriffs’ Departments and the Highway Patrol in Memphis, TN and the surrounding suburbs.

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I am a practicing Chiropractor in the state of MN. I have been marketing to Personal Injury/Car Accident Victims for the past several years. To get an advantage in this very competitive market, I have utilized the services of Prospect Providers, a marketing company that knows what to do to get results. Over the years they have been a lifesaver to our clinic regardless of the state of the economy. I highly recommend other chiropractors sign up for their premium services. They know how to get results.

Orthopedic ChiropractorGolden Valley, MN

I highly recommend Annie Brown's services. She is very credible and delivers what she promises and say's what she is going to do. She is honest and handles things that need to get handled. She is very service-oriented. I felt at ease having her on because I knew that she would always do it. Her responsibility level is very high and it makes being a doctor and running my clinic easy because she just gets what is needed.

Dr. HansenWoodbury, MN

Thanks again for everything. I can't tell you how big of a difference this is already making in my practice...for as small of a practice as I have right now, every new MVA patient is like winning the lottery, so you and your service really have been a dream come true for me!”

ChiropractorSt. Louis Park

Membership Benefits

When you contract with us on our initial 6-month agreement you get access to:

List & Consulting Services

Up-to-date, weekly crash reports as released by stations, departments and the Highway Patrol

Spreadsheet mailing lists based on the reports, for use in direct mail marketing

Average of 145 names and addresses weekly

Professional PI Marketing Consultation for the initial three months.

Consulting Benefits

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