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How it Works

There is a right way to market to PIs. We not only provide the names and addresses of car accident victims but we specialize in knowing what the exact right actions to do are in order to get PIs in to your office.

For over 8 years we directly contacted hundreds of car accident victims by both mailings and phone calls and drove them into the doors of clinics and offices weekly.

We specialize at getting results!

A result is a car accident INTO the doors of your clinic or office and beginning services with you.

Our consultant will not only see to it that you know exactly what to mail out to the car accident victims that will elicit response but will also set you up with the exact statistics to keep in order to spot where your marketing could be falling down and thus how to change it.

We work with you and your marketing staff and do whatever is needed including drilling phone calls or taking calls coming in and setting apts.

We are committed to see to it that you get the results that we know should be gotten.

Your consultant will guide you through the program, as laid out in the Personal Injury Patient Marketing Program E-book. They will take you from the initial step of receiving the MVA lists all the way to a regular flow of PIs through your doors.

And, we can’t stress this enough, the end result really is a regular flow of PIs through your doors.

What Are the Benefits of Signing Up
for the MVA Consulting Service?

1) How to do calls in states where you can do them and in states where you can’t, what to exactly say to get the PI in the door.

2) What to mail out and how to do the mailings.

3) How to use the list of car accident victims. What is the best way to mail to them in order to get results.

4) How to read the tailor-made, on-line statistics program in order to ensure you are getting PIs in.

Sure, you could buy the e-book and go it on your own. But how many times have we heard this? “I tried the marketing strategy and it didn’t work.” Nope. It works. Every time. And frankly, those who have said it didn’t either didn’t do it at all, or they did something else.

With the MVA Consulting Service, you will get an experienced consultant who knows exactly how to implement and run the strategy. Your consultant knows the rules, knows the pitfalls and can steer you through it all to a regular flow of PIs through your doors.

Work with someone who has over 20 years of PI marketing results. Don’t reinvent the wheel – work smarter, not harder.

Hear What Our
Client’s Have To Say:

Annie Brown’s Personal Injury Marketing Program has shown me that it is much easier to get new personal injury clients into your clinic. Annie has the marketing book in which she explains in detail exactly what is needed to be done by you and your staff. The names and addresses of recent personal injury clients come right to your email daily. All you must do is decide the distance from your clinic you want to advertise.

The ability to keep track of our statistics allows us to determine which flyers are working and what distance we should be sending them. Annie is excellent with contacting us to discuss how things are going, and going over the statistics of how and what we should or need to do next.

I was in discussions with Annie over a year ago about starting this program and chose not to start at that time. In mid-January 2018, I called Annie and finally started this program. Since than I have had 7 new person injury clients enter my clinic. I wish I had started this program a year ago.

It is my recommendation that anyone considering opening a personal injury practice or wanting to increase the revenue of their current practice should seriously consider using Annie Brown’s Personal Injury Marketing Program.

Stephen L. McCombs,DC March 2018

Annie Brown and the team at Prospect Providers have really turned our clinic around. We implemented their system for PI patients at our clinic and the results have been absolutely amazing! Their return rate is quoted at 1%, but we have had substantially higher results, with more patients for chiropractic care, more patients for massages, and most importantly more patients whose lives we can help change forever! We highly recommend Prospect Providers! Thanks Annie and team. We appreciate you!

Chiro Office PI DirectorMaple Grove, MN

I have been very pleased with the services you have provided in getting us accident lists. We have more than tripled the number of auto cases we see since starting with you 18 months ago. I have found that following the plan you laid out from the very start is the best, although it was very labor-intensive at the start. We have learned and fine-tuned the procedure and it works very smoothly in the background.
Thanks for your diligence in providing this service; it makes our lives very easy.

Dr. RBFridley, MN

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