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Step 1: Legal Checks

Our PI consulting services start by doing legal checks in your practices state to outline some necessary information.

1.) Are names and addresses of car accident victims considered public record in your state? Click here to view our list of previously researched states

2.) What if any, rules or statutes are there regarding marketing to car accident victims by either the State itself or the Chiropractic Board and what are the corresponding statutes on this?


This is required by everyone we work with to get for their states they are practicing in.

Step 2: Research & Establishment

This step is done after we have determined if it is legal. The step consists of:

Contacting the Police Stations, Sheriff Departments and Highway Patrol offices within a 15 mile radius of your office to get their agreement to provide the accident reports to us on and on-going basis. This can take up to 3-5 weeks to complete as we often need to handle them and correspond with their legal departments on what we are asking for.

In the end we will have the below 3 pieces of information:

The list of stations that are willing to work with us to provide accident reports on an on-going weekly basis

What is the average number of car accident victims a week we will provide you

What the monthly cost will be to provide you with the reports on-going

Fee varies based on area - book call to find out more

After the Research and Establishment step you will know the price that it will cost you monthly to get the reports from us. We work with all offices on an initial 6 month agreement and an annual agreement thereafter.

We do not have a known price of how much the on-going reports will be for you until the Research and Establishment steps are DONE, but the average costs are roughly between $2000 and $5000 a month to provide these reports.

Addional PI Consulting Services and Products



PI Marketing Consulting

A very precise program to follow that has been fine-tuned and perfected over the past 20 years personally by the Owner and Founder of the company, Annie Brown. This program includes EVERY SINGLE STEP, in the PROPER SEQUENCE to achieve THE BEST RESULTS. It goes into all the fine details such as what and when to mail out to the car accident victims and who should be running this in your office.


one-time fee

PI Marketing E-BOOK Program

This is a 64 page program of exactly what to do, including any and all call-in script as well as it comes with the 2 promotional items that you will use to send out to the PIs and the last 6 pages are by Dr. Lieberman about what he does to successfully close the PIs once they come in the doors.

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