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I have been working with Annie Brown and Prospect Providers for about three months, getting everything set up for marketing to PI's. Within the first 300 names mailed out we had two appointments and one close for $2,500 plus insurance, which will equate to another $2,000. Her personal injury program is designed to get you results, and everything is put together so that all you have to do is follow the recipe and you will get your cake (PI's). They are interested in your success in getting products. My advice is to call Prospect Providers and sign up.

Dr. Glen R. Burford, D.C.

Annie Brown and the team at Prospect Providers have really turned our clinic around, we implemented their system for PI patients at our clinic and the results have been absolutely amazing! Their return rate is quoted at a 1% return, but we have had substantially higher results, resulting in more patients for chiropractic care, more patients for massages, and most importantly more patients that we can help change their lives forever! We highly Recommend Prospect Providers and specifically Annie Brown as a point of contact! Thanks, Annie and team we appreciate you!

The Movement Health Solutions TeamMaple Grove, MN

I highly recommend Annie Brown's services. She is very credible and delivers what she promises and say's what she is going to do. She is honest and handles things that need to get handled. She is very service-oriented. I felt at ease having her on because I knew that she would always do it. Her responsibility level is very high and it makes being a doctor and running my clinic easy because she just gets what is needed.

Dr. HansenWoodbury, MN

I have been very pleased with the services you have provided in getting us accident lists. We have more than tripled the number of auto cases we see since starting with you 18 months ago. We need one new auto per week to cover that week’s expenses and everything after that first week of services is profit for us. We often get more than one new patient per week which is very exciting for us here. A solid new auto the case will yield over $10,000 + over the course of treatment making this a very nice income engine. I have found that following the plan you laid out from the very start to be the best although it was very labor-intensive at the start. We have learned and fine-tuned the procedure and it works very smoothly in the background. Thanks for your diligence in providing this service; it makes our lives very easy.

Dr. R.B.Fridley, MN

I’m busting here. I have 7 PIs signed up for this week alone. Six from PI marketing and one from the referral. Wow! Make a plan, work the plan. Thank for your help!

ChiropractorBurnsville, MN

I started working with Prospect Providers and Annie less than 2 months ago. Annie was really great about working with my budget and target area. She has been supportive in helping me get this project started. My first mailing resulted in 2 new patients and was up to 4 new patients in less than a month. By the end of the first month, I had already provided over $5,000 in billable services, already making my investment in Prospect Providers pay for itself a few times over. This has been a dream come true for my office, and came just when I needed it. I have recommended their services to a few of my colleagues already and will continue to spread the word. The mailings are definitely a lot of work, time and effort on the part of the clinic, but well worth it.

Dr. Larson